Webling is the leading POD specialist in Korea, providing various commerce services and POD platform services based on digital printing.

By item category domestically,the strongest POD production capacityThrough automated solutions and the largest domestic production infrastructure, we ensure an overwhelming POD production capacity.
Over 80,professional research and development personnelThrough our in-house R&D organization, we continuously refine our services and dedicate ourselves to research and development.
Leading the industry the largest production facilities in KoreaWe have secured the largest production facilities and automated logistics processes in Korea among POD companies.
Through automated processes,a 1-day production systemThrough production process automation, we can manufacture and process personalized bulk orders in just one day.
Over 197 countries supported forglobal shipping and logistics servicesWe provide fast and reliable shipping and logistics services to most countries worldwide.

We want to be there for you in the moments you need us the most.

Business Partners for Greater Growth Business Partner Platform

From hobbies to memories, a photo and goods printing platform in my hand

For our executive, easy promotional material creation platform


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